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You can register now, however it is too early to formally inform you of the health measures that will be applied next summer. The ACQ is following the file closely, in the interest of the camps and the participants
and in the greatest concern for transmission prevention..

Camp activities

Adventures in the heart of nature, located on the shores of Lac Maskinongé, varied and specialized activities.

The Base de plein air Mont-Tremblant, a tradition since 1971

At Base de plein air Mont-Tremblant, the activities are varied, balanced and adapted to the abilities and age of the participants. A great way to discover and learn about new sports and recreational disciplines while enjoying the outdoors. It is also a great opportunity to help your child or teenager develop their autonomy, their self-confidence and, at the same time, to forge new friendships in an international camp context.

Our stays are 8 days and 7 nights, accommodation in rooms classified 4 stars within the CITQ (Corporation of the tourism industry of Quebec).

In addition to the Counselor Training Program (DAFA), the camp offers new features, namely two “specialty” programs. We now have an Teen Adventurer program.


At the summer camp, the program presents a wide range of forest, aquatic and expedition activities. Thus offering a unique experience based on fun, learning and respect for others and for nature. On schedule: canoe, rabaska, kayak, paddleboard, lake or river swimming, inflatable games on the water (new!), Canoe / kayak expeditions, archery, overnight camping in a tent, etc.

» Counselor Training

All our camp counselors are chosen for their interest in children and their passion for the outdoors. To respect the hiring standards of the ACQ, we make sure that all our staff are bilingual, at least 18 years old, has experience in group animation and a first aid course. In addition, when hiring, all counselors must attend a training of 60 hours. The counselors to camper ratio is adapted to the age group. During the stay, a complicity, a sense of belonging and a team spirit will be created between the child and the camp staff that will certainly leave a long-lasting impression...

Dates of stays 2022

For girls and boys aged 7 to 17

One per family

One per family

With the purchase of a second stay,$30 discount per additional week, same camper or family member.
* Attention discount not applicable to the counselor in training program DAFA*

Bring a new friend to camp!
* The sponsorship discount applies to the former camper and his new friend, after the stay of both campers *

Stay #1

June 26 -
July 3

7 nights

Stay #2

July 3 -
July 10

7 nights

Stay #3

July 10 -
July 17

7 nights

Stay #4

July 17 -
July 24

7 nights

Stay #5

July 24 -
July 31

7 nights

Stay #6

July 31 -
August 7

7 nights

Stay #7

August 7 -
August 14

7 nights

Stay #8

August 14 -
August 20

6 nights

(7-17 years old)
(7-12 and 13-17 years old)










For boys and girl the 15-17 years old


June 26 -
July 24

15-17 years old 4 weeks - 28 nights

2 295$


For boys and girls, 15 to 17 years old.


July 24 to August 7

For boys and girls between 15 and 17 years old, 14 nights.

Includes various fun activities such as zip lining, visit to Tremblant, canoe-camping and hiking expeditions etc.

1 925$


Laundry service

Extra ($)


- Round trip transport from Montreal
- Airport transport
» Price on demand

Canoe - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

After learning the basics of canoeing, go for a ride to discover the lake.

rabaska - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Embark in a large canoe about ten meters long of Algonquian bark. On board the rabaska, you will have the opportunity to hear various stories of Lac Maskinongé and Quebec legends.

Tree climbing​ - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

What could be more fun than climbing a tree?

kayak - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

At the camp, we do more than paddleing. You will be challenge and various games will be waiting for you during this nautical activity.

River kayaking - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

River descent on the Devil's River. Are you ready for the adventure?

Canoe camping  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Expedition on the Red River, with one night in camping. A must-have filled with memories.

Campfire  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

What could be more heartwarming than sharing quality time around a fire with your friends. Now is the time to make some warm memories. We will find; games, stories, songs and marshmallows!

Beach Party / Beach  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

The sun that envelops us, the sand between our toes and the music. No need to pay for an all-inclusive in the South when you have so much fun at camp

Talent Show  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Throughout the week, each group will have the time to personalize a small talent number (sketch, music, dance, original idea) which will be presented at the end of the week. After experiencing various activities in the expression component, who knows what they will have to share!

Breadcrumb  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Very popular activity in the forest. A course that depends on the physical ability to pass over or under natural obstacles by following a rope, you attached by a harness.

Geocaching / Disc Golf - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Activities that work on your orientation skills, your precision, your deduction and your thinking skills.

Save yourself! (Escape game)  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

A life-size role-playing game where the goal is for players to escape a room or a contextual situation in a limited time. Upheavals, intuitions, deductions, surprises! Do you think you can do it?

AArchitect for a moment  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

What could be better than getting your hands dirty? Develop your skills and work as a team to build something you'll be proud of. Wooden raft, birdhouse, etc.

Tales & Legends  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Around a fire, during a session in the forest, on the edge of the beach, in a rabaska canoe or during a storm, several stories can take place at the Base de plein air Mont-Tremblant, sometimes accompanied by disguised characters and voices to support the imagination and captivate dreamers.

Photo rallye  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

The goal of this activity is to take pictures of a multitude of unusual objects or elements. Check the most boxes on the list as a team in a limited time. Which team will win? Bonus for the originality of the photo shoot!

Runner of the woods (orientation)  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Through a course, campers will have to learn to orient themselves in order to advance in the adventure and go through different challenges in order to succeed in their mission as runner of the woods.

Treasure hunt  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

A fun event in which the campers have to search, using the clues provided to them, for an object hidden on the base or in the forest. Who doesn't like treasure hunts!

Sports  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Basketball, soccer, volleyball, kickball, ping pong, pole ball, etc. Physical activities that make us move and ensure us fun. A must on our beautiful and large field.

Team spirit! (cooperative games)  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Those games can be found anywhere; the ability to collaborate with others, prioritizing group success, and participating in the achievement of common goals through short to long-term play. Suggestion of various co-op games.

Slackline  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Have you already tried ? Quite a great balancing act! We'll give you the best tips so that when you get back to town you will impress your friends.

Spartan Race  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Surpassing oneself for the sake of pleasure is an activity that enriches self-esteem. Exploring the field of possibilities! An obstacle course at the Outdoor Base.

Spirituality and reflections  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Growth can be worked in various ways. Activities that can occur both in the morning and in the late evening; meditation, yoga session, thematic group discussions, debates, creation of a "vision board".

Do you know your biodiversity?  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

A course in the forest where we discover the diversity of living species; plants and animals in our environment. The discovery of our plants, our trees, our edible or inedible flowers, our birds and other animals.

Sustainable life, do you love your planet?  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

A fun activity related to current topics; pollution, reuse, recycling, protection of nature, small actions and solutions. An original activity on ecology surrounded by a beautiful landscape that makes us want to take care of it.

Jimmy is in the moon!  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Learning and observation of the stars, celestial bodies and the structure of the universe. Learn the basics of space, the stars and astrology. Are we not one with the Universe?

Shelter & survival  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

During this activity, put yourself in an emergency situation. Do you think you can survive? Through contextualization games, learn how to make a shelter, a fire, or tips to survive in the forest for 1 day, 3 days or even more ...

Confidence workshop  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Physical and verbal exercises that are part of the work of trust and communication two by two or in groups. Let yourself fall into the arms of the other, sometimes blindfolded, a work of sharing through movement and gaze.

The 4 elements  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Water, fire, air and earth. Various games related to each of its elements are offered and can be part of nature activities. Example: building a volcano, building a kite or a sandcastle, 4 elements party games, etc.

Your 9th sense?  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Activities that include your five senses; sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch. Full of discoveries and shared laughter. Do you believe in the 6 senses or even your 9th sense? What nine ! Yes yes nine. Learn to discover them and to know if you have them through various unusual games.

The BOOM !  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

The moment for all to dress up and to join on the dance floor. Dance, music, photo booth, limbo, crazy sign, karaoke, etc. An emotional evening as it often marks the end of the adventure.

Silence, we turn!  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Professional photographer challenges, group video concept (sketch, dance, lipdub, cinema), filming a short film, editing, videography, etc.

New generation fine arts  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

So much that we can enjoy creating with our own hands. Let ourselves be guided by the beauty of nature to create on the edge of the lake or in the forest and perhaps even discover a new passion. Brazilian bracelet making, macrame, jewelry, sewing, tie-dye sweater, makeup, crafts, drawing a manga, engraving, etc.

Express yourself in motion  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Moving and expressing yourself is one of the most important values for us. This kind of activity has always and always will be a part of our routine at camp. Structured improvisations, improvisation, theater, creation of sketches, dance, Revolution competition, crazy sign, musical chairs, mime, etc.

Creation? Action!  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Creativity is found in all of us. Everyone has something to express and letting go in an outdoor context can be very beneficial. Musical creation from found or created instruments, karaoke game, automatic writing, creation of poetry, songs, etc.

Thematic evening  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

We are pleased to host great themed night games. Adventures with colorful characters and plenty of animation that catches the imagination.

Thematic activity  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Curiosity is an underrated quality these days. What could be more exciting than an activity filled with puzzles, mysteries or stories, all in nature.

Thematic day / week  - Base de Plein Air Mont-Tremblant

Our stays or certain days can be themed; like a complete story that is part of the whole summer or simply the Christmas campers for example.

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