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You can register now, however it is too early to formally inform you of the health measures that will be applied next summer. The ACQ is following the file closely, in the interest of the camps and the participants
and in the greatest concern for transmission prevention..


For further questions or more information, feel free to contact us!
Tel: 819 425-2461 | Toll-free: 1 866 360 3358 | Email: info@camptremblant.com

» How to register your child in French Camp

• Click on the French Camp Registration button to navigate to the registration platform;

• To create your account, click on My Account, then new account and register;

• Answer the questions and your account will be created;

• Then go to the icon labeled Profile on the top right of your screen;

• Add your family members by clicking on Family, then add a member (child);

• Then go to the activities and make your choice of stay(s), activities and/or optional services;

• One administration fee per family, put the subscription on behalf of a parent.

Please note that groups are by age and can be mixed or not depending on the number of registrations. However, you can request a room and group sharing in the mandatory form to be completed.

We take the green turn saving time and paper. All forms to be completed will now be made via the platform at the time of registration.

French Camp Registration
FAQs - Base de plein air Mont-Tremblant

» FAQs

• Are electronic devices allowed (cell, tablet, etc.)?
No. All electronic devices are prohibited in order to take full advantage of the activities and to create links with other campers and instructors.

• Are visits allowed?
Yes, on Sunday only, for stays of 2 weeks or more. Please contact us in advance to schedule the visit since your child may be outside of camp in different activities.

• Homesickness, what to do?
It is normal to feel homesick when leaving home the first time or at a young age. The camp counsellors are experienced with these matters and know very well how to deal with kids feeling homesick. Although we try our best to prevent such cases, some kids are good at hiding their feelings.

You may help your child by inviting him to communicate his feelings with his future counsellor. He will always be attentive to any situation that may worry your child. Please do not promise him that he could go home if he feels nostalgic. Usually, a little effort on his part paired with the help of his counsellor will be enough to make his stay an enjoyable one.

However, your child will be happy to receive mail. You may place a few letters in his luggage or send them by email to info@camptremblant.com please don't forget to indicate the child's name on the letter. Children can also write during their stay, we can scan their letters to you or post is (please provide pre-addressed and stamped envelopes). Kids cannot phone home. They cannot use electronics. Camp directors may communicate with parents if they judge it necessary.

• Can I buy souvenir items for my child?
Yes! You can leave some pocket money to buy a souvenir from camp or to participate in an optional activity such as the waterpark. Campers must hand over that money to their counsellor once they arrive at camp and it will safely be placed in our safe. Various items available (T-Shirt, cap, toques, hoodies, etc.). Watch out for our specials item shop on our website.

• Is there a laundry service?
Laundry service is available for campers who are longer than a week. The washing is done on site on Sunday and Monday. Read the parents' guide for the rates.

Please consult the parents' guide for more information. Feel free to contact us by telephone (819 425-2461) or by email to info@camptremblant.com to talk about your concerns or for further information. Please be certain that we will do our very best to make your child's stay an unforgettable one.

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