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Allow the youth to acquire relevant skills in the field of animation, through practical and theoretical learning so that they can become good counselors in summer camps, day camps, nature classes or other animation programs intended for children.

An internship, not only certified, but that offers a rewarding and memorable experience through fun, discovery and activities.

More than 200 hours on the profession of counselling - Practical internship of 50 hours 8 hours of First Aid training

The rookies will follow the CIT (Counselor in Training Program) and DAFA (Diploma of aptitude for the functions of facilitator) trainings recognized by the Association des Camps du Québec (ACQ) and the Conseil Québécois du Loisir (CQL).

• Animation to children between 3 and 17 years old
• The counselor: his role, his responsibilities and tasks
• Child safety and prevention
• The development of the child
• The different animation techniques
• First aid (certified training of 8 hours)
• Communication skills
• Group management
• Collective work and crisis management
• Camp activities and plaining
• Development of activities
• Creativity
• The Basics of forest life
• Safe travel techniques while outings
• Skills assessment, exams for certification
• Search for a job (possibility of being a helper afterwards)

The training lasts 4 weeks / 28 nights - Places are limited. The intern must have completed his/her 3rd grade of high school in order to be eligible to the counselor training.

To succeed your CIT, a trainee must obtain the passing note in the practical and theoretical assessment and meet the conditions prescribed by the A.C.Q.

To become a camp counselor, the candidate in training must have passed the CIT and completed their 5 year of high school to be eligible to apply as a summer camp counselor with accommodation.

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Registration 15-17 ans
Counselor training program

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