Objectives of the CIT program

To allow young people to acquire relevant competences, in the field of animation, help by to practical and theoretical trainings so that they can become good monitors in holiday camps, in camps of day, class-nature or in other programmes of animation for children.

The trainees will follow formation DAFA (Diploma of operating requirement of organizer) recognized by the Quebec Council of Leisure. Formations WFP and DAFA are independent from each other. A trainee can make a success of his WFP and not make a success of his DAFA.

Principal shutters (200 hours of formation)

Our summer camp hosts a multicultural clientele from over 15 different countries each summer. Friendships with kids from abroad are some of many opportunities the local kids will have. This might be their first contact with the world!

  • Introduction to the world of the camps
  • The monitor; its role, its responsibilities and its tasks
  • The development of the child 
  • The choice and the planning of an activity
  • Current activities in a camp 
Special activities
  • Creativity 
Life in forest
  • Displacements at the time of the exits
  • Collective work 
Safety and prevention
  • First aid (8 hours certified formation)
  • The training course of assumption of responsibility
  • The evaluation
  • The search for an employment
  • And much more


Criteria of success and certificate

To make a success of his WFP, a trainee must obtain the passing note to the practical and theoretical evaluation. If its advance throughout its training course corresponds to the methods prescribed by the A.C.Q., the trainee will receive a certificate recognized by the A.C.Q. with the mention corresponding to his final note.

The results of all the candidates will be transmitted to the permanence of the A.C.Q.  It is important to state that the notation recommended by the A.C.Q. can involve a failure and that in this case, the certificate of the A.C.Q. will not be given to the trainee.

Important criterion concerning the recruiting of the monitors.

A young person must be 17 years old or to more be monitor in a certified camp.

French and English classes offered for kids 10 to 16 years old. 15 hours per week with a maximum of 10 students per class with well qualified teachers.


  • July 1 rst  to July 22 th, 2018
  • July 22 th to August 12 th, 2018



A number of trainees

8 participants per stay

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